iChipSet stands for 'Identified Chip Set'

AVICS - better know as Autovecth Identified Chip Set(RFIDGPS)

Auto Vector Traffic Hub {Autovecth}

Channeled Telematics for navigational
concerns on land, for vehicular traffic that 
maneuvers on the ground and/or by hovering, 
equipped with Avics
 iChipset™ and/or iChipsetx


Each Domain Networked Infrastructures are managed 

by one or more: 'iNavCom Centers;
wherein each city has at least one center.


Defined as: Local 'Identified Navigational Command Centers'™ (iNavC2),

in conjunction with at least one
 'Autovecth'™ (AutoVector Traffic Hub)

iChipSet™ & iChipsetx  are pending Trade Marks®

Xgenasys™ - X™ 

The next Evolution alongside Intelligent Traffic Systems

ITTS - International Transit Telematic System

ITTS has three profound objectives an one minor:

our (planets) Environment, your Safety and most importantly 
Open Source Registered Platform (OSRP) for all nations.

Setting a standard world wide, so no matter where you drive
'Intuitive Transit Telematics' is understood by everyone.


ITTS is built around Channeled Telematics 
from communication devices equipped with
one to more Avics iChipset™ &  iChipsetx


For the Record:

FIRST USE: 20150120. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20150120

Encrypted Communication Device Link-sync'd together

ECDLink™ Device used on: Xgenasys 

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